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Amans’s 2018 Ramadan Collection

This modest ready to wear collection was designed in anticipation of the Ramadan, embodying the spirituality and essence of the Ramadan fast into the clothes. According to Ono's Claire Ukah, the Creative Director of Amnas Clothings, Fatima Gidado, "drew inspiration from the simplicity, fluidity and elegance of Middle-Eastern fashion, while staying true to the… Continue reading Amans’s 2018 Ramadan Collection


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Nature has written a letter of credit upon some men’s faces which is honored wherever presented. You cannot help trusting such men; their very presence gives confidence. There is a “promise to pay” in their faces which gives confidence, and you prefer it to another man’s indorsement. Character is credit. —William M. Thackeray. This image… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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The Royal Wedding

It was everything I hoped it would be and even better. Today, Harry and Meghan were made man and wife in what many call and I sincerely agree, one of the most spectacular, sincere, beautiful and breathtaking weddings in history. The ceremony was held in Windsor Castle, London at St. George's Chapel. Meghan wore a… Continue reading The Royal Wedding


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Friendship is for all aid and comfort through all the relations of life and death—for serene days and graceful gifts and country rambles; but also for rough roads, and hard fare, shipwreck, poverty, and persecution. —Ralph Waldo Emmerson. This image does not belong to BeliJose's Fashion Hauz. Happy Birthday Belinda.

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Hats off to you

I am waiting for the wedding of the year like I know a lot of people do and although I have not been opening every and all posts that have Megan and Harry written on it, I could not help liking these "royally inspired hat bottles" created by SodaStream. These SodaStream bottles were designed to… Continue reading Hats off to you

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Abaya Lagos’s “Cultured Arabica”

"Cultured Arabica" is fashion label Abaya Lagos's 2018 Autumn/Winter Collection. The Nigerian fashion brand who is also known for its modest wear pieces recently released it's look book. There's a lot of fine Aladdin inspired outfit here and aside that Cultured Arabica is a collection of elegant ready to wear pieces with rich fabrics and… Continue reading Abaya Lagos’s “Cultured Arabica”


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The weakest among us has a gift, however seemingly trivial, which is peculiar to him, and which worthily used, will be a gift to his race forever. —John Ruskin. This imima dodoes n belong to BeliJose'sBFashFas Hauz

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Glam Africa Magazine presented its Glam Africa Bridal Edition in it's latest issue. Titled 'The Unicorn Bride', Glam Africa in collaboration with some of Africa's big designers, Toju Foyeh, Elie Kuame and @stylistagh and Vlisco, Africa's No. 1 textile manufacturing company created new designs and dresses for the bridal edition. Each dress was made using… Continue reading #GlamAfricaBridalEdition

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Waiting list, crying emojis and patience – Savage X

Rihanna's new lingerie line launched Friday morning. The singer, actress and entrepreneur has been personally promoting the line over the past month and with new reports from yesterday's launch and first sales, Rihanna got the world's attention. Lingerie from the line is sold on the Fenty site, and yesterday saw an amazing turn out of… Continue reading Waiting list, crying emojis and patience – Savage X

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More from Lagos Bridal Fashion Week 2018-Kosibah

Nigeria's Kosibah Couture closed the final day of the 2018 Lagos Bridal Fashion Week. The label which specializes in bridal couture and evening dresses showcased 11 pieces from its collection. The pieces from the collection did not vary from the traditional wedding dresses but incorporated more flowing skirts and svelte silhouettes using layers of tulle,… Continue reading More from Lagos Bridal Fashion Week 2018-Kosibah


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Look in my face; my name is Might-have-been; I am also called No-more, Too-late, Farewell; Unto thine ear I hold the dead sea-shell Cast up thy Life’s foam-fretted feet between; Unto thine eyes the glass where that is seen Which had Life’s form and Love’s, but by my spell Is now a shaken shadow intolerable,… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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June 2018 Elle US Issue

The June 2018 Issue of Elle Magazine is set to be released on 22nd of this month. In a glamorous photo shoot shot by photographer, Chris Colls, Kendall Jenner is once again the perfect cover girl, striking runway worthy poses in high end fashion pieces. For the coming Issue, Kendall discussed family and her battle… Continue reading June 2018 Elle US Issue

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And methought that beauty and terror are only one, not two; And the world has room for love, and death, and thunder and dew; And all the sinews of hell slumber in the summer air; And the face of God is a rock, but the face of the rock is fair. Beneficent streams of tears… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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“Sablier” by Tolu Oniru-Demuren

This is curvy girl magic at its finest. You know when bold is used to describe a photoshoot and you can't find anything closely related to bold, well, this lingerie line by Tolu "Toolz" Oniru-Demuren is BOLD and I love 😍 the confidence the models exude. A sure success for the plus sized, the recently… Continue reading “Sablier” by Tolu Oniru-Demuren


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“There will come a time, when all of us are dead. All of us. There will come a time when there are no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed or that our species ever did anything. There will be no one left to remember Aristotle or Cleopatra, let alone you. Everything that… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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Celine Dion’s “Ashes” video

I saw Celine Dion's "Ashes" video for the first time last night on YouTube. There is usually nothing as emotionally provoking as Celine Dion's voice when she sings but Deadpool's spectacular 'dancing on heels' came close to usurping Her Royal Highness. Well, aside the dancing and singing the "Ashes" video made the rounds also for… Continue reading Celine Dion’s “Ashes” video

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The 2018 Met Gala

Don't know if it's too late to bring you this post, but I am banking on the fact that Monday night will continue to be among this week's entertainment hot topics. So, the 2018 Met Gala was on Monday night and some of us got to see it live and some on TV; we all… Continue reading The 2018 Met Gala

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The 2018 12th Headies

Naija ladies can sure represent. At the 12th Headies Awards held at Eko Convention Center, Victoria Island Lagos, the guests didn't fail to pull out their best glam, red carpet worthy looks. From long trains, to simple gowns, jumpsuits, Ankara inspirations, to sexy cut outs, the Headies Awards 2018 was an exciting occasion for stars… Continue reading The 2018 12th Headies


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The chess board is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game we call the laws of nature. My metaphor will remind some of you of the famous picture in which Retzsch has depicted Satan playing chess with man for his soul. Substitute for the mocking fiend in… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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Rihanna’s Latest Vogue Cover

Rihanna is launching a lingerie line in a few days "Savage" and with all her increasing list of successes comes her June Vogue cover where the music star and entrepreneur discusses her brands, body positivity, work and relationship. The cover was done by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Vogue and in each shoot, Rihanna… Continue reading Rihanna’s Latest Vogue Cover

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Andrea Iyamah: Spring/Summer 2018 Swimwear Collection

For Andrea Iyamah, "all pieces were designed to imitate an element of our environment with colors ranging from warm to cool, inspiration ranging from dry to wet seasons and lines illustrating the direction of mountain horizons and moving oceans" in this collection. Andrea Iyamah has consistently designed chic, fashionable swimwear and in this collection, the… Continue reading Andrea Iyamah: Spring/Summer 2018 Swimwear Collection


Vogue Italia Backlash

The May 2018 issue of Vogue Italia featuring supermodel, Gigi Hadid left a lot of fans unimpressed with the cover, with some fans calling for a boycott of the magazine. Why? Blackface and heavy editing. The May cover features a male and female model intertwined in an embrace for the camera. The male model is… Continue reading Vogue Italia Backlash


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I prayed, he answered He threw me a line I reached for it Desperately hoping I won't sink. Grateful for the moment of rescue I swam clinging to the line Seeing shore Anything but the sea. I am holding on to nothing My head barely making the raging waves Was it a straw or a… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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Style Crush of the Week

Stephanie Linus Okereke in a Vlisco African print dress with a jacket is one of my top African print looks this week. Happy beautiful new month everyone, welcome to the month of May. Stephanie Linus Okereke is a Vlisco ambassador, one of Africa's biggest and leading textile manufacturers and she wore this ensemble for the… Continue reading Style Crush of the Week


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He who plants a tree, he plants love; Tents of coolness spreading out above Wayfarers, he may not live to see. Gifts that grow are best; Hands that bless are blest; Plant-life does the rest! Heaven and earth help him who plants a tree, And his work his own reward shall be. —Lucy Larcom. This… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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RHB Style’s New Collection

For an easy on the go yet stylish look, RHB Style has in its new collection curated easy, stylish ensembles for day wear. This collection comprises edgy, feminine silhouettes, structured details and luxurious style. RHB Style fashionably paired each piece from the collection with trendy footwears; shift dresses with sneakers, pants with mules and slingbacks… Continue reading RHB Style’s New Collection

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‘Clothes “I” Want to Wear’

I am in love with this collection. It indeed incorporates clothes I want to wear. The designs are dated, have a 'boss' feel to it and is available 24/7 for every occasion. I have always struggled with having confidence when it comes to clothes that expose my arms, so I like how the designs for… Continue reading ‘Clothes “I” Want to Wear’


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We scatter seeds with careless hands, And dream we ne’er shall see them more; But for a thousand years Their fruit appears In weeds that mar the land. —John Keble. This image does not belong to BeliJose's Fashion Hauz.

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Glitz Africa Magazine’s 20th Issue.

Glitz Africa Magazine's 20th Issue. Glitz Africa Magazine brought together three of Ghana's finest actresses for its 20th Issue. Joselyn Dumas, Yvonne Okoro and Nana Ama McBrown are the stars on Glitz Africa Magazine's front cover and they are THE QUEENS OF THE PACK.


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There’s many a time when the bitterest thing Is said without reason, and God knows The courage it takes to suffer the sting, By hiding the wounds that the heart shows. There’s many a sob we bravely keep down For the sake of old times revered so, There’s many a head with thorns for a… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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Esé Azénabor: The Romance Collection

This collection will be great for ballroom scenes in movies like Pride and Prejudice, The Crown or the Greatest Showman. The full skirts, cape, structured sleeves, elaborate designs and embroidery are reminiscent of the Victorian era. However, the Romance Collection is for now, the present and I think that while drawing inspiration from the past,… Continue reading Esé Azénabor: The Romance Collection

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The Pure Collection by Inbal Dror

The Pure Collection by Inbal Dror is a stunning bridal collection. All the pieces are sensational and soo romantic. The full skirt, intricate embroidery and designs, fine lines and flow of each piece in the collection makes this collection worth the wear. The beauty of the Pure Collection is that it will also make for… Continue reading The Pure Collection by Inbal Dror

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My favorite look today

Yes, it's not my photo of course (😎), it's Sarah Paulson's look in Las Vegas for the Glass event. Sarah Paulson was impeccably styled in an all black attire to promote the action, comic movie Glass. She wore a black long-sleeved blouse tucked into a black leather A-line skirt by Christopher Kane. The best part… Continue reading My favorite look today


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Truly God follows us with encouragements: let him not lose his blessing upon us! They come in season, and with all the advantages of heartening, as if God should say, “Up and be doing, and I will stand by you and help you!” There is nothing to be feared but our own sin and sloth.… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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Rekana Collection

Rekana Collection is a new ready to wear clothing line from Nigeria's Sharon Ojong. It's a first from Sharon and I will say, very impressive. Rekana is easy easy and simple in a classy, refined way. It's bold cuts and designs is a nod to the forward outlook of Nigerian women to today's fashion. Imagine… Continue reading Rekana Collection


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For all noble things the time is long and the way rude…. For every start and struggle of impatience there shall be so much attendant failure…. But the fire which Patience carries in her own hand is that truly stolen from heaven—unquenchable incense of life. —John Ruskin. This image does not belong to BeliJose's Fashion… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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Dressing Kate

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has on different significant occasions worn a simple maternity shift dress by British fashion label, Jenny Pack ham. There's no doubt Jenny Packham is one of the Duchess's favorite designers, a list which includes Alexander McQueen, Temperley London, Reiss, Beulah, Erdem, Mulberry, Burberry, Hobbs and Jaeger. Out of all… Continue reading Dressing Kate

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Nouva Couture’s ‘Florasion’ Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

What draws you to a piece of cloth: the fabric, the design or style, or the thought of how it will fit your body? For me, I think it's more the fabrics. I love fabrics and that's what makes this collection so appealing to me. The Florasion Collection according to the designer, created to inspire… Continue reading Nouva Couture’s ‘Florasion’ Spring/Summer 2018 Collection


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My crown is in my heart, not on my head: Not decked with diamonds and Indian Stones, Nor to be seen. My crown is called content. A crown it is that seldom kings enjoy. —William Shakespeare. This image does not belong to BeliJose's Fashion Hauz.


Photo of the Day

This pair of shoes is ABSOLUTELY perfect and amazing; if I owned a pair, I won't wear it, just keep it on my bedside table so I can stare. It's gorgeous, lol. There's a big deal on the design, it helped the shoes stand out. Pants are slowly coveting shoes, dresses and skirts need to… Continue reading Photo of the Day


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We live in deeds, not years: in thoughts, not breaths: In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart-throbs. He most lives Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best. —Phillips James Bailey. This image does not belong to BeliJose's Fashion Hauz


Fabulous Wedding Dresses 👗

  Apart from  exchange of vows and the cake, the wedding dress is the next highlight of every wedding. Most often, I hear of brides who try to play it safe with their wedding dresses or who just go with whatever is presented to them, not knowing that there are lots of other choices to… Continue reading Fabulous Wedding Dresses 👗


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Do not act as if you had ten thousand years to throw away. Death stands at your elbow. Be good for something while you live and it is in your power. —Marcus Aurelius.  This image does not belong to BeliJose's Fashion Hauz.

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Brides, Photography and Styling

These are breathtaking wedding inspiration photos for a special yet simple wedding look. With a collaboration of some of Africa's top wedding brands, Felix Crown Photography presents one of it's finest work. Styled by @moashystyling, with hair and makeup by @tobbiestouch and @jideofstola, models Juliana and Zainab of Beth Models Africa play the perfect muse… Continue reading Brides, Photography and Styling

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The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. —Disraeli. One sees, and the other does not see; one enjoys an unspeakable pleasure, and the other loses that pleasure which is as free to him as the air…. The whole outward world is the kingdom… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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D’luxe Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

This collection is lively and classy, and what better way to show spring and summer than floral prints? D'luxe Haute Couture is a Nigerian based fashion brand and these are some of the pieces from its Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. Co-ord sets, florals, two-piece prints, wraps, kimonos, gowns are some of the gorgeous offerings in store… Continue reading D’luxe Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

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Embellished Denim

Sometimes a little touch up is what you need to stand apart. It's even more unique when it's your own personal touch. Adding items to your clothing: a pendant, a brooch, inscriptions, a set of floral designs or a piece of lace can change your denim jacket into a 'talk-worthy' fashion piece. Here are a… Continue reading Embellished Denim

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Puss in Boots

Rihanna uploaded this photos to her Instagram account. Dressed in an array of mismatched clothes: a blue and white stripe shirt, an off white sweatshirt, snakeskin boots, a brown, black and white face mask, a cross body bag and layers of jewelry, Rihanna proved dress ups are not just fun but can be upscale stylish… Continue reading Puss in Boots