Love like a Movie 3

Coincidentally Darey Art Alade’s Love like a Movie 3 also took place last night, 28th February 2016, therefore providing us with unlimited content on our TV screens. There was the 88th Annual Oscars on the one side and the LLAM 3 on the other side. The first edition of Love like a Movie featured reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, and the second edition featured Kelly Rowland.
This year features Ciara and our Nigerian celebrities brought their A game.
Let’s take a look at the LLAM 3 2016 red carpet!



Our first look is the always gorgeously dressed TV presenter,  Toke Makinwa. Her hair is in a bun and the length is reaching down her shoulders in a soft wave. She has on a simple makeup and small stud earrings. Now her gold laced round-neck gown with the white envelope and gold trimmings below should have made it to the Oscars.  I see that gown making Nigeria’s green, white, green proud. What better to match it that a stunning gold purse and sandals. It’s Toke Makinwa so I forgive the red wrist band,  it however shows that anything and everything works on her. You rock!



Pink brings the maternity feel I guess, but she makes the mommas all over the world proud. Her makeup is minimal and lovely and even without having the blings on her ears and on her neck, she definitely looks good. I very much prefer her look to Chrissy Tiegen’s look below.




Ciara played it safe in this all black ensemble and the nude long-sleeved loose shirt could hardly be called daring considering her last red carpet appearance with her boyfriend, Russell Willson. Her hair is a typical Ciara look, with natural makeup. She looks very calm considering she is the star of the show.


Ciara on 15th  February, 2016



Ini Edo, Nollywood’s sweetheart is looking glam. The pink jumpsuit, nude heels and gold earrings are really nice. I love her hair although packing it behind her head in a bun would have been much preferable. I think the red wrist band is a sort of tag. Anyways,  thumbs up to Ini.



There’s a lot of pink going on albeit in different shades. This pink lace jumpsuit is a lovely outfit and looks great. The v-neck line accentuates her shoulders and she gets an A+

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