The 2016 Oscars!

The 88th Annual Oscars was held yesterday night, February 28th 2016 and it’s one of the biggest events in Hollywood. Not just for the awards ceremony but the glitz and glam for which it is famous.
  Last night, the fashion lovers stayed glued to the screen to watch the Oscar invitees walk down the red carpet. My favorite point was watching Leonardo Di Caprio win the best Actor Award (longtime crush since I first saw Titanic).
However, our interest is in the ‘who wore what to the Oscars’. So let’s begin!



Red is a hot number and with the plunging neckline, she is all red carpet worthy! The short wavy hair is cut low above her shoulders and is very different from what we usually see, that is long hair styled to the side. It is easy and doesn’t cover her beautiful necklace. She has minimum jewelry, her makeup is flawless. Most especially the color of her gown complements her skin tone.



So Charlize Theron is a beautiful goddess and we shouldn’t expect anything less. These ladies are giving us red in different shades and with the simple silver neck piece, we can only stare. I give her designer a ten! Charlize is proudly strutting the look. Now her hair is all up, with a small lock caressing her small well defined oval face. The hairstyle does a lot of work and a good one ensuring that the attention is never far from her shoulders and her chest. The gown amazingly hugs her hips and I love the flow of her train below.



Now,  I have never seen Mrs. Pharrell Williams without her sneakers on. The long wavy hair is casually styled away from her face. The gown hugs her and emphasizes her length in a flattering way,  I also love that she paired her look with a simple black purse and earrings. I also love the cutouts around the shoulders. They are a perfect power couple.



Lady Gaga looks lovely in this creamy white gown. And her blond looks with minimal makeup. She has on a red lipstick,  adding color to the all-white ensemble. The gown is exquisitely cut and has a lovely train. The look is totally awesome.



Jennifer Garner looks great in this off-shoulder black dress. The color sets off her even beautiful skin, and the shimmering silver on the left side of the dress complements her silver earrings and bracelet. I totally love the simple strap sandals ad the way it is peeping out through the full length gown.



Orange is our new color! And Olivia Munn is stunning! From head to toe she looks glamorous. The simple streamlined gown, the one shoulder, the hood-like part that hangs over her flat stomach makes the gown a stunner.  It’s encouraging to see something different in color or style and Olivia brings that to the Oscars.



Olivia Wilde looks like a greecian goodness. She has on a diamond choker and a diamond studded purse. Her pleated whitewhite gown and the low plunging neckline looks great. Her hair is plaited around her head like a crown and I love that is a off her shoulders. A very simple million dollar look.



I don’t know how old she is, but Alicia Vikander is the Oscars breath of sunshine! In the sunny yellow dress, she reminds us of what it is to be young. The color is daring and the black inscriptions or drawings helps tone it down. She has on silver earrings, a gold strap sandals and reminds us to twirl.



Saoirse Ronan is classically breathtaking. Her plunging green electric gown simply shimmers, and against her skin she is our Disney Princess. The color of the gown does a lot to make up for the no jewelry on her neck, and her ruffled but beautiful beautiful blonde hair makes you love her.



If you have got it, flaunt it and Sofia Vergara is doing just that. Her midnight blue off-shoulder gown and plunging neckline is both daring and beautiful. Her hair is packed in a sleek bun behind her head. The length of her sparkling diamond earring screams look at me! Everything she is wearing emphasizes how absolutely beautiful she is. The full lenght gown looks like a delicate flower.

5 thoughts

  1. Wow look at Lady Gaga on this flowery pearly-white gown! One of the first few times I’m seeing her all so “Gaga-ness” here lol!
    But her simplicity is really “Gaga”


  2. What can a dude say,it’s refreshing and original….gettn a bit tired of Linda,maybe we can now focus on Beli


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