Our Gele or Ichafu

wp-1458324640799.jpeg   One notable feature of a Gele is the beautiful smile on the face of the lady wearing it. The Gele automatically transforms the wearer into a very beautiful bride, celebrant etc, and like the Nerfertiti head wrap brings out the well defined features of the face.

   The Gele or Ichafu is a head wrap used by Nigerian women for events and ceremonies. The head wrap is called Gele in Yoruba and Ichafu in Igbo. 
   The Gele comes in different fabrics, the metallic jacquard fabric commonly used, the damask, Ankara, brocade and the Aso-oke. The fabric also comes in different styles, sizes, patterns and colours. The bigger the material, the more intricate and bigger the style. The Gele or Ichafu when tied and styled, is usually in a fan-like shape or flower-like shape.ojulewa-loveweddingsng1.jpg


  For events, most women like to employ the help of Gele stylist to help style their Gele for an occasion.

   According to a post on Naira land, the Gele tying is an art form that takes patience, a well toned arm, skill and practice, but once tied can make a woman look regal. Every Gele is unique and there is no formula for achieving the same look twice, that is why no two Gele are alike.wp-1458324669353.jpegwp-1458324914576.jpeg

    A Gele does not look out of place at any event. It’s colours and styling contribute to the life of any party, and it’s an accessory like no other!



This is without contest a Naija original! 

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