Trending: Agbada + High Heels👠

A long long time ago, the agbada was a male fashion property in Nigeria. But because it’s genetically programmed in the female DNA, that we should look good fashion wise in almost every piece of clothing, it has become the ‘in thing’ for the Nigerian female.


The Agbada is a heavy piece of clothing worn over a simple dashiki style native wear and topped off with a traditional cap. It is an original Yoruba men’s native wear but is now being worn by everyone.


The ladies have now transformed it from its conventional style to more daring, stylish and beautiful garment. From weddings, fashion shows, red carpet events, we see the agbada’s beautiful evolution into short, floor length, sleeveless, long draping sleeves and even denim, thanks to fashion designer Toyin Lawani.


The female agbada works best with your high heels. Since agbada is mostly worn with well tailored trousers, the heels give length to the legs and stops your agbada from sweeping the floor. You can accessorize with anything, a gele, cap, necklace, beads and of course a purse. 

mercy-aigbe-1-1.jpg11254642_517670355064211_2028893975_n.jpguntitled_36.pnguntitled_37.png13690757_1094714370587139_34687036788355632_n.png13726738_1094714347253808_2405264037292508116_n.pnguntitled_22.pngYes, we don’t mind the extremely long, draping and bogus sleeves, but the agbada with its beautiful motifs is sweeping the Nigerian female fashion world.

See Toyin Lawani at ‘it’ again

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