Is Lenght the New Sexy?

  I began noticing the appeal of length on Kim Kardashian West’s fashion and style. Kim’s hour-glass figure makes her tea and ankle length body-fitted skirts a thing to die for. 

Kim Kardashian West


Once,  women who wore long skirts were considered to be ‘churchy’ or a dweeb, except for clothings such as maxi-skirts, flare and round skirts. My mum still considers a long skirt as a glorified long wrapper.


For most girls and young women, their skirt lenghts range from micro, mini, short, to above and below the knee. This is because these sizes are considered sexy, fashionable, powerful and trendy. In the 21st century world, where the social media plays a huge role in fashion trends, showing your long legs is like the new watch word.

Fashion Sketch Book 6th edition by Bina Abling.

  However, we sometimes see our fashion icons and fashion favorites going outside the norm and slaying body-fitted midi, maxi, tea and ankle lenghts skirts. I don’t know if the success of the clothing on them is because most of the female celebrities have well defined curves, I just know that the knee-length skirt is a body shaper and places a lot of emphasis on the feminine curves including on how the lady walks. 


Ex-Miss World and Ex-Miss Nigeria, Agbani Darego


Wearing a tea or ankle lenght skirt and successfully working it all lies on how you wear it and how your outfit is accessorized. Combining the lengthy form fitted skirt with footwears like sneakers, high strap sandals or pointy shoes will look absolutely fabulous, sandals are good too especially for tea lenght skirts.


Fashion “hit makers” such as Kim Kardashian West leading the pack, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and many others are often seen in these ankle length skirts and they are changing it from drab and frumpy to fashionable, elegant, sexy, chic and powerful. Tea and ankle lenght skirts are sure taking over.

Jessica Alba
Bonang Matheba
Victoria Beckham
Chrissy Tiegen


Jennifer Lopez
Kim Kardashian West

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