Face, Style and Voice

 Introducing Chinecherem Eze. A Nigerian entrepreneur, model, actress and female empowerment speaker, Chinecherem Eze who resides in the United States is ruling her world. With a passion to positively impact on the world around her, Chinecherem Eze has created a platform for Black Women Empowerment and Child Education. 


Representing Ivory Coast, Eze is one of the contestants and finalists of the Miss Africa USA pageant, an established platform that has been empowering young African women in America for the past 11 years.


Wearing a high-neck and full-sleeved vibrant Ankara gown, Chinecherem Eze looks refreshingly beautiful for her Miss. Africa USA pageant photoshoot.


Shot in the outdoors by Nigerian photographer Laide Lodapo, Chinecherem’s stylish bantu knots hairstyle and natural makeup which were done by Elizabeth Boakye, adds more beauty and African style to her look.


Chinecherem Eze is passionate about natural beauty. According to her, black is beautiful and black women should be proud of whom they are rather than trying to bleach their skin or change their image to reflect who they are not.



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