Charis Hair x OTS Beauty


For the ultimate bridal look, Charis Hair and OTS Beauty, UK beauty vendors teamed up to create a glam afro look for the stylish bride.

Charis Hair, a UK based hair styling company owned by Nigerian hairstylist Tola Olatunju and OTS Beauty also a Nigerian owned, UK based beauty consultant showcased the unique results of their collaboration.


With no holds barred, OTS Beauty produced a colorful nude makeup look producing a stunning look for the bride who wants to be natural and yet colorful. Created from a range of cosmetics Milani, Mac and FeathersnFurs, Dayo of OTS Beauty describes each look as showing the client’s personality and showing that there are no rules when it comes to makeup.


And while OTS Beauty is showing off its beautiful creation, Charis Hair complements the look with its equally beautiful hairstyles, dwelling on the trending female hair style choice for women of color. Charis proves that the modern day bride whose hair style choice is natural Afro can have a classy wedding and that there are various style options for the afro hair bride.


Photo Credit: Bella Naija Bridals



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