Box braids with fringe


This is probably old for some of you who are familiar with the hairstyle, but for me it’s the first time and I am absolutely thrilled to have discovered a new hairstyle. It’s the box braids with bangs or fringe and its a super cool look.


I love braids a lot because it gives us with afro hair, the freedom to style our hair in different ways, not like most weavons will generally give you. I’m forever searching the web for new braid hairstyles and this couldn’t have come at a better time, seeing it’s the festive season and you have to look your best always.


I saw the hairstyle on a DSTV commercial, and I was like this is totally my newest hairstyle and a splendid look to end the year. It was therefore a combination of two looks that I love😍, bangs and braids; bangs because it’s safe and protects your front hair from the harsh harmattan weather and braids because of it’s endless styling capabilities.


So, for bangs and braids lovers, you can try these in different lenghts and colors with lots of different hair extensions to choose from and glam up your look.


Stay beautiful always!

Photo Credits: Pinterest and the Web

3 thoughts

    1. There’s no tutorial I know of. But it’s quite easy, it all depends on your hairstylist and the length of your hair. I have long hair, so for the fringe my stylist simply folded each segment into itself before attaching the extension.


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