From 2016 with Love: FentyxPuma, Nudes, Latex, Sheer and many more.


1st January 2016 was just like yesterday and it’s unbelievable that the year has come to an end. We are thankful for a whole lot of things; life is number one on the list, love and family, success, advancement and even heartbreaks, disappointments and failures. Fashion wise, we are thankful too, and I am mostly thankful for Rihanna’s exciting shoe collaboration with Puma and my box braids with fringe hair style(am currently rocking the look!), and the step by step progress of BeliJose’s Fashion Hauz.

Let’s review the styles that ruled 2016.

1. Beyoncé’s body suits


Queen Bey dropped ‘Lemonade’ and went on tour. She dazzled us with sizzling dance moves from her album, her strong velvety voice belting out the marching words to Formation and of course Bey’s bodysuits were on point. Going from lacy whites to red latex to black with wide brimmed hats, Beyoncé’s body suits were totally on fleek.


2. Queen Bey’s lonngggg braided ponytail

We are whipping our hair to Beyoncé’s tunes.


Beyoncé Knowles set the stage on fire with her long braided ponytail which went way below the waist. Rocking the very fierce hairstyle to the VMA’s and on stage, Beyoncé’s braided ponytail at one point became the most talked about hair style on the Internet.


3. Nudes

Nudes were everywhere. On the red carpet, on the runway, street style, nails, lip gloss, etcetera, nudes played dominant in 2016. The nude color became a dominant, even rubbing shoulders with the major brass colors, black and white.

4. Corsets as Outerwear


Kim Kardashian took corsets to another level this year. The reality TV star was seen on many occasions rocking corsets as an outerwear.


After the birth of her second child, Saint, the trend setting wife of Pablo, went the whole way to get her hourglass body back by making the corset her new best friend. The pair were seen virtually everywhere.

5. Sheer everywhere


We saw a lot of flashing this year and sheer clothing made it to the top fashion trends that stayed and didn’t go away. With or without undies, 2016 hotties weren’t shy to bare and bare they did. From Rihanna to Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, Ciara, J.Lo and many more, sheer was taking a notch higher becoming even more risqué.


6. Negligee


Some of us got a chance to be Victoria Secret models by wearing sexy negligees as outerwear.


Whether pairing it with thigh high boots or chic six inches, camo or leather jackets, negligees was a statement style of 2016. Rihanna, the Kardashians, Rosie Huntington Whithely and many more gave us free style tips on how to look glamorous and trendy in negligee.


7. Thigh – High Slits


Sexy and bold were the two words to describe 2016. You had to be bold to rock 2016’s most daring looks like the thigh high slits which were definitely heating up the red carpets. Whether baring it to the crotch level or taking it higher to the navel, Ciara, Bella Hadid and Chrissy Tiegen were among the various stars that vamped up slits.


8. Chokers


Bringing back old trends. 2016 gave us in a bang the old styles, notably chokers. And they came in lace, ribbons, diamonds, velvet and even denim. This piece of accessory became 2016’s style craze because it gave every ensemble ‘the touch’.




9. Latex


Sweaty, too tight, uncomfortable, doesn’t matter! Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West, Amber Rose, Beyoncé Knowles proved nothing comes in the way of fashion and they did it well in latex. They gave their fans an eye full and for some, fashion inspiration.

10. FentyxPuma


The Rihanna and Puma shoe collaboration was almost the most talked about in fashion circles not just because it was posh and comfortable and was completely sold out and took home the prize for Shoe of the Year Award and was featured in J. Lo’s ‘I ain’t your Mama’ video but because the Puma Fenty Creepers from the collection contain like everything you would want in a sneaker: lush, has lift thanks to its platform sole, and is offered in velvet fabric. The Creepers which retail for $150 were handcrafted in Italy and come in Black, Burgundy and, Cement.


What was your favorite style of 2016?

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