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Mai Atafo at the South African Autumn/Winter Menswear Week


There’s been a lot of requests and advice from friends to expand my blog’s content by being more inclusive. Some guys have been vying for posts that have male content and that is one of the reasons, I couldn’t let designs from the A/W South African Menswear Week just go by without sharing it with you.


The designs from the event are amazing and it showcased all the bests of African male designers. There was swag, vibe, culture, class and a smooth James Bond look.


Mai Atafo with slogan denim shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, turtleneck cardigans, jackets with hoods, camouflage jackets, zebra colored foot wears, Pharrell Williams themed hats and blazers, was one of the must-see designers at the Menswear Week.image-28.jpegimage-35.jpegimage-39.jpegimage-25.jpegimage-46.jpegimage-26.jpegimage-32.jpegimage-42.jpegimage-41.jpegimage-40.jpeg

The designer paid homage to the hustle of the Nigerian secondgrade clothing entrepreneurs in major Nigerian cities.


Designer Mai Atafo 


Written with colorful prints, the designs had popular Nigerian lingos like ‘bend down select’, ‘okirika’, ‘first grade, second grade’, ‘wash and wear’had a cultural flavor, was trendy and was clearly meant meant to appeal to street consciousness.


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