Calvin Klein’s collection at the Womenswear 2017 New York Fashion Week

Raf Simon’s collection titled “Parade,” was an homage to America from remixed band uniforms to sharp power broker tailoring, sturdy denim and patchworked coats to shrink-wrapped feather glamour dresses.


Friday marked his runway debut as Calvin Klein’s new chief creative officer. With hues of red, white and blue dominating the catwalk, the collection was a tribute to America and its history. Bright colors, see-through fabrics, plastic coats and varsity sweater sleeves were incorporated into neutral blouses and tailored suits.



Calvin Klein’s ready-to-wear collection at the Women’s wear 2017 New York Fashion Week, got a lot of positive reviews for being invigorating and celebrating American fashion but the big question is, will any woman really want to dress up like this? Maybe the black blazer with funky yellow varsity sweater sleeves paired with bright red skirt will do, but the rest of the collection is the reason we have Jeannie Mai’s ‘How do I look?’ on E!


There’s really nothing womanly about most of the designs and they look stiff, serious and erm… like it’s covering up the fluidity, sensuality, curves of the female body. .

With the recent emphasis on embracing the feminine curves and full figure, this collection is really far from it.






However, colors used for the collection are absolutely lovely and the shoe collection so very chic and on point. I love the long coats and it’s length and how business like it looks and I can imagine so many different ways to play with it and pair it up.


I understand that Calvin Klein’s new chief creative designer is leaning towards the fashionable trend of incorporating male outfits into female style but I wish he didn’t leave out every stroke and curve that makes up the feminine body .


We would sure like to see such powerful and celebrated design brand combine each style, masculine and feminine, without loosing each sides unique features.

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