Very Cute DIY Denim Bags


I was going through the app, Pinterest when I found this awesome pictures of recycled old denim/jeans and they were amazing.


I have some old jeans that I have outgrown and I have been thinking of ways to change them (it’s sometimes very hard to let some clothes go, so I tend to keep some of them for as long as possible πŸ™†), so this came at just the right time.


Cutting jean pants to make shorts or changing them to handbags, phone pouches, Β purses, slippers, sandals and even remote control holders were some of the many options of how to change the make and look of that old jeans of ours into something absolutely spectacular and wow filled.



However, the handbags and phone/tablet pouches were the coolest for me, and since handbags are one of the things we love I decided to collect some and share. I have also fixed a date with the sewing machine.


Hope you are inspired.


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