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Spikey Punk


Why we love her? It’s because she can be anything you want her to be and still slay perfectly. Riri is the hot, sexy  singer and dancer in her hit single “Work”, a United States soldier in a Hollywood blockbuster movie, the designer of the shoe of the year, a recipient of the  Harvard Award for  Humanitarian services, a 2017 modern Amelia Earhart on Harper’s Bazaar and now a Punk model with sharp spikey hair for Paper Magazine.


The Barbados beauty for the second time graced the cover of Paper Magazine’s 2017 March issue, #BreaktheRules.


Wearing different colorful hair and differentiate glam looks, Rihanna was the perfect model for for the shoot.

With big, bold earrings, bold layered metal choker, bracelet and a long purple hair extension, Rihanna effortlessly channeled street punk.


Another shot sees the sultry singer wearing green spiked hair and a multicolored fur coat as she fearlessly gazes into the camera.


This is a part of the singer we have always seen, the Punk Queen, so breaking the rules isn’t new for her. Riri rules the club!!!


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