Not Functional but Innovative


Although the comfort you will get from wearing this is clearly in doubt, however it is relatively new and innovative and a first look for many of us who haven’t seen such expansive use of texture in today’s fashion industry.


This is a gorgeous piece made entirely from newspapers from the coffers of Studio 24, a professional photography and multimedia company in Lagos, Nigeria. There is no mention of the designer of this remarkable piece but kudos to him or her.


Set in the beautiful streets of Lagos, Nigeria’s fashion capital, the newspaper inspired gown modeled by Isis Models Ibukun Sammy is not about functionality but about beauty and fun.


Styled by Stephanie Daniels, the team behind this awesome layered dress sure knows how to read them and style them.


Featuring intricate flower details on each shoulder, the dress which has a hint of chiffon material also features a sweetheart neckline with a snug bod and from there flows an endless layer of newspapers in a sweeping ruffle. The makeup which is exactly the choice of makeup for the bourgeois characters in the Hunger Games thriller, is beautiful and bold and contrasting, and gives the necessary attention such an ensemble will require.


It’s totally great and I like the fact that it’s different and ambitious in a lovely way.

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