Never a dull moment with your Aso Ebi


For Nigerians, life is ‘jollyment’ and with it comes plenty opportunities to dress up and look nice; that is why Aso Ebi is the ultimate female go-to for events because with your personalized unique styling or the latest Aso Ebi fashion trend, you are sure to turn heads.


With this in mind, Ruvero Designs 2017 bridal lookbook brings fresh, unique and a modern twist to our favorite fashion signature.


With statement and drop earrings, colorful and matching turbans, pointed heels, Ruvero Designs uses embroidered silk and George for each piece, giving the bride and bridesmaids a soft, feminine and demure look. Also, a well-thought out use of halter necklines and cutouts brings to each piece from the collection, a little of modern edge and sexy.


For me, the only thing missing in Ruvero’s bridal collection is Nigeria’s favorite piece of accessory, the flamboyant and fashionable Gele(see Our Gele or Ichafu). All in all, Ruvero Designs delivers!

Photo Credit: BellaNaija

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