Power Chic: Structure meets Sensual


We wouldn’t be expecting any words less than fashionable and classy from Victoria Beckham’s style and on Thursday, wearing matching navy blue wool cardigan with a breezy skirt, Mrs. Beckham stayed true to her unique fashion and style.


With the ensemble coming from her own fashion line, there was no better model for the eponymous brand than Victoria Beckham herself, strutting her stuff to a business meeting.


Channeling the modern day power boss, Victoria ensured that sexy and feminine sensuality wasn’t over ridden by cleverly pairing the sheer floaty skirt with the navy wool cardigan pulled to the elbows and worn over a well tailored crisp white shirt.


The former Spice Girls singer, accessorized with dark sunshades, a  boxy leather satchel bag and black knee high leather boots; and finished off her glam look with silver studded rings.

 To channel Victoria Beckham’s office power look, you can ditch the wool cardigan for a wool scarf; if opting for an elongated silhouette, you can pair a crisp white cotton oversized men’s shirt with a penciled pinstripe skirt and Chelsea boots. It’s a must try. 





Have a lovely fashion slay day.

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