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Paris Fashion Week ’17: Dior


I love fashion that is relatable; something that you feel you can wear and not look totally weird in.


This Dior collection is relatable, not just with the styles and cuts but the colors and deeply rich material. This is a standout beautiful look for the Dior lover (like me) and very great for enticing would-be Dior fans. Most importantly for me, this look is not garish at all or layered heavily with unnecessary accessories, it is straight to the point and focused in a soft feminine way.


The use of masculine leather shoes is not only stylish and showstopping but shows Dior has the comfort of its buyers in mind. Opting for elegance and height, it’s pointy toe shoes has you covered.


I most especially had my eyes on the overcoats made from crafted cashmere and wool serge and I love love 😍 that it’s not the usual straight coats but flows, allowing for a lovely swing to the hips.

Photo Credit: Vogue                                                                                 Photo Source: Bellanaija




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