Ankara Swim and its sassy hairstyles.


When there’s swimwear, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. At the Ankara Swim 2017 held in Miami, the flamboyant stylish African hairstyles beat the swimwears 100%.

For Ankara and swim enthusiasts, the Miami-held event was a beautiful showcase of their passions.



Colorful patterns and trendy, sexy designs ruled the runway. Halter necks, one piece swimsuits and bikinis, were worn by beautiful, curvy models who may not be as famous as Karlie Kloss, Alessandra Ambrosio, or Oluchi Orlandi but we’re happy to represent in their best catwalks.


Hosted by Evelyn Onyejuruwa, the CEO of Ankara Miami, the event featured African swimwear designers from my home country Nigeria, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, USA, Panama, Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago with names such as Aleena Swim, Jama Collections, Shahedah Textiles, RuvaAfric Wears, Fabian and Mom and so many others.

Behind the scenes photos 


With African hairstyles ranging from classic Bantu Knots, braids to afro, the event was made more extraordinary, fun and lit with many flamboyant headpieces, beads, corals, necklaces, earrings and face paintings.

Miami, Africa welcomes you.

Photo Source: Bella Naija

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