On Becoming Part 2


Toke is a beauty in this baby pink sheer long sleeved blouse with ash panels at wrist and neckline. She pairs it with a billowing silver pleat skirt. Ā 

Since the launch of On Becoming in 2016, Toke Makinwa has grown astronomically. The Nigerian beauty, media personality and style influencer is slaying all year round in every aspect of her life and she is doing that so well, style wise especially.


When you have got good legs and an expensive designer pair of silver embellished pointy heels, slits are perfect. In this red dress, Toke is wild and beautiful.Ā 


Toke Makinwa was once on our style icon watch but her style since then has gotten more sizzling hot šŸ”„ since then and I just couldn’t resist surfing the Internet for her latest looks. So I have decided to bring you guys some of her looks from the On Becoming book tour, check them out.

Plush: purple velvet and silver strap sandals, hint of cleavage and legs, šŸ‘


From Nigeria to Ghana, the United States, London, South Africa, Toke brings her A+ game; with top African designers like Style Temple, The Muse Factory, and Style Avenue to international fashion brands like Louboutin and more, Toke effortlessly mixes these brands and makes it so easy.

Expensive, effortless, chic, elegant and flawless all make the cut.

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