2017 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Marianne Fassler Spring/Summer collection


So far this has been my best collection at the Johannesburg Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2017. A lot of work was put into giving this Marianne Fassler collection the effortless, edgy and vibrant look it has; from the hairstyles mainly tied up in a high bun to the statement accessories and flowing dresses.


The dresses are easy and yet flatters every curve, nothing is swamped with too many layers of fabric. The shoes define comfort and support in trendy sneakers and shoes with low chunky heels.

MBFWJ17-Day-3-Marianne-Fassler-4 (1)MBFWJ17-Day-3-Marianne-Fassler-14MBFWJ17-Day-3-Marianne-Fassler-7MBFWJ17-Day-3-Marianne-Fassler-2MBFWJ17-Day-3-Marianne-Fassler-3MBFWJ17-Day-3-Marianne-Fassler-1MBFWJ17-Day-3-Marianne-Fassler-5

I always say details are key, and this is perfectly sewn into each piece with skill; there are fringe details at the hem of a low neck velvet black dress, sprinkle of fur on sleeves, a bold and colorful animal motif on a black sheer blouse and matching wrap skirt and of course the eye catching stripes.

There is sexy, cool, chic and vibrant in Marriane Fassler’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.

Photo Source: Bella naija

Photo Credit: www.africanfashioninternational.com

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