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It is love and I wear it

FrontLine_105_Nude_Nappa_Sandals_PDP_3_45445_2048x (1)

The Tamara Mellon Frontline 105; I fell in love at first sight but I do so for every awesomic pair of shoe that has all my right requirements.

A perfect fit, how the shoe is one with your feet, how it looks when you look down, how it matches whatever you wear and you are not just walking but flying, well this Tamara Mellon Frontline does these for me. I don’t own a pair but I can imagine how it will feel.

Frontline_105_Nude_Nappa_Sandals_PDP_5_45439_2048xFrontline_105_Nude_Nappa_Sandals_PDP_1_45448_2048x (1)Frontline_105_Nude_Nappa_Sandals_PDP_4_45444_2048x

Detailed and elegantly constructed, the Tamara Mellon Frontline 105’s nude color is perfect for any skin tone, blending well to give you legs for days…

21231038_911205269030329_7024563137597752778_n (1)Frontline_105_Nude_Nappa_Sandal_2048xFrontline_105_Nude_Nappa_Sandals_PDP_2_6208_2048x

With hints of footwear’s on demand trend, PVCs incorporated into the straps, this beautiful pair ensures that you are comfortably balanced, your feet is looking gorgeous and that you are not out of touch with the trends.

Will it be overwhelming if I wear it with gold anklets?

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