Ditching Pencils


Once upon a time in the world of female fashion, eyebrows were plucked and carved to an inch. Fast forward to 2017, a year of embracing ‘au naturel’ and fashion movements clamoring for natural beauty, bushy eyebrows are once again becoming a favorite, comfortable look, of course with the help of brow definer.


Bushy eyebrows; I once had perfectly arched full bushy eyebrows and I loved them. To maintain them I used a small plastic comb to brush it after I had applied a small amount of black gel or Vaseline. Some days, I loved it all messy and untamed. However my twin sister Amanda, convinced me after much effort that bushy was out of fashion.


Come 2016 and 2017, eyebrows are still ‘on fleek’, but bushy and untamed eyebrows are back. Supermodel, now actress Cara Delevigne, can be credited to giving bushy eyebrows the attention it deserves. Cara’s eyebrows were FULL and beautifully arched while walking for big fashion brands on the runways and out; still is.


There are ways to achieve that perfect full look using brow definer and gel, and you can grow back your brow using natural oils like castor oil or Vaseline.

Images do not belong to Belijose’s Fashion Hauz.



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