Duro Olowu’s Spring/Summer 2018 Lookbook – A Splash of Prints

Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-8 (1)

Sleeves coats, kimono styled jackets, elegant wrap dresses, free flowing midi dresses, Duro Olowu’s print collection is a beautiful, colorful sight.

Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-9 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-7 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-5 (1)

Perfectly coordinated, the loookbook is an exhilarating collection of ready to wear pieces in beautiful, feminine cuts and stitching. There is everything for the everyday woman, from powerful coed suits in gold, to a stunning bold shirt dress in colorful stripes.

Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-10 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-2 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-12 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-14 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-3 (1)

Waist cinching belts, deep pockets, neckties, and the soft fabric are one of the defining points for this collection.

Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-13 (2)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-6 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-4 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-11 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-1 (1)Duro-Olowu-SpringSummer-2018-Ready-To-Wear-Collection-15 (1)

Accessories are important and so Duro sets the collection off with little but important pieces like the dark shades, facinators, statement gold wrist bands and the beautiful flat gladiator sandals.

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