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African Fashion Collection at the HFDW Lagos

To support emerging fashion talents in Africa, Heineken, the official sponsor and host of Heineken Fashion and Design Week launched its first African Fashion Collection in collaboration with Lulu Mutuli and Azra Walji, two of Africa's hottest emerging talents. According to BN Style, the collection was created by the winners of Heineken African Inspired Fashion… Continue reading African Fashion Collection at the HFDW Lagos

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HFDW Lagos: Gert Johan Coetzee

Someone once asked me if I could wear the clothes I post on my blog and I said yes. I just don't post 'things' that are news but I post fashion and style, two things I love and are passionate about, so I would definitely wear the clothes I post. Gert Johan Coetzee's presentation at… Continue reading HFDW Lagos: Gert Johan Coetzee


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Ere, in the northern gale The summer tresses of the trees are gone, The woods of autumn, all around our vale, Have put their glory on. The mountains that unfold, In their wide sweep, the colored landscape round, Seem groups of giant kings, in purple and gold, That guard the enchanted ground. Ah! ’twere a… Continue reading Thoughts πŸ’­

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HFDW Lagos: Tiffany Amber

A favorite brand of Nigerian celebrities like Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji and Miss World 2001 Agbani Darego, Β Tiffany Amber presented classy, refined style at the recently held Heineken Fashion and Design Week held in Lagos. The colors in the collection are muted but lovely and rich. The cuts and designs are feminine and soft. The… Continue reading HFDW Lagos: Tiffany Amber


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The great elements we know of are no mean comforters; the open sky sits upon our senses like a sapphire crownβ€”the air is our robe of state, the Earth is our throne, and the Sea a mighty minstrel playing before it. β€” John Keats. This image does not belong to Belijose's Fashion Hauz.  


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The vice of envy is not only a dangerous, but a mean vice; for it is always a confession of inferiority. It may promote conduct which will be fruitful of wrong to others, and it must cause misery to the man who feels it. β€” Theodore Roosevelt. This image does not belong to Belijose's Fashion… Continue reading Thoughts πŸ’­

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'Another Kardashian', some would say. Another Kardashian, I say in the most impressed, inspired and exciting way I can possibly muster. I love love what this ladies are doing for themselves, very positive, ambitious, hardworking and go-getting women + they have very beautiful bodies😎. Now, let me go back to PrettyLittleThing Kourtney Kardashian's new fashion… Continue reading PrettyLittleThing

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The Β£11 Million Pair of Shoes

Diamonds. Gold. More diamonds. More gold. Bespoke. Expensive. The world's most expensive pair of shoes is on display. The shoes were designed by world renowned British designer Debbie Wingham, who is famous for her Red Diamond Abaya dress which still holds the record as the world's most expensive garment, in collaboration with Florida-based artist Chris… Continue reading The Β£11 Million Pair of Shoes


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One of the notable eddies of the present-day world currents is what has been loosely called the β€œWoman Movement.” The sensitive and vicarious spirit of womanhood has been enlisted for service in behalf of those who have been denied a fair chance, or who are the victims of oppression, greed, and ignorance. β€” William T.… Continue reading Thoughts πŸ’­

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The Wilderly Bride

Set atop mountain tops with cool breeze and soft sunlight, the Wilderly Bride collection is an outdoor collection for a bride who is at home with nature. I imagine the Wilderly Bride barefoot or wearing simple sandals as she walks to meet her groom; a beautiful, private affair witnessed only by the vast mountain range.… Continue reading The Wilderly Bride