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Have you ever been to Nigeria?

Some of the fond memories I have from growing up are the visits to the village during Christmas when my daddy’s mom was still alive; as children, we organized little dance groups made up of children from the same kindred or even more, children from the same neighborhood and we were dressed in our mothers wrappers tied securely with ropes round our tiny waists so they don’t fall off while we danced and we were decorated with beautiful body arts with nzu and uli. We would go from one house to another singing and dancing traditional songs to entertain the household and for our efforts we were given Cabin biscuits or money. We also wore anklets made from metals that jingled crazily as we danced, I loved the sound.

I remember my daddy tell us around that time about his mother’s beautiful ‘jigida’ (waist beads) collection, how she would wear the beads during special occasions and how expensive they were. She lost it during the war.

Nigeria is 57 today. We are a beautiful, loving and fun people with deep roots and rich culture, and I mostly admire our resilience and strength and all our COLORS. To commemorate our Independence Day, I have compiled some of the Nigerian female traditional attire even from way back.

Please enjoy:


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