Big, Bold and Cover up

The Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2017 held in Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City, Accra Ghana provided ‘an inclusive runway presentation’ that showcased plus-sized models. Championed by Latasha Nwugbe of AboutThatCurvyLife, the showcase was laudable. For people on the plus side like moi, knowing that there are more size-inclusive clothing from major fashion brands in Africa and across the world gives me so much confidence and more clothing to pick from in designs I like and from brands I love like Khloe Kardashian’s Good American.

Noni Clothing 

For the Glitz Africa Fashion Week, three designers showcased plus-sized collections; AbayaLagos by Salihat, Norri Clothings and Ássián.

Now, about these collections, I feel that there was a lot more to be expected from the designers especially AbayaLagos by Salihat. The tag line for plus sized people are terms like big, bold, beautiful and sexy. There was big, there was bold but there was no beautiful and I didn’t see sexy.

AbayaLagos by Salihat 

AbayaLagos by Salihat’s collection featured unflattering dresses in a horrible metallic gold color that did nothing for the complexion of the models wearing them. The clothes looked heavy and felt jumbled together, and the fabrics were in colors that I wouldn’t wear on a bad day. Black is a cool, classy and elegant color for plus-sized, but the black dress with sequins looked like a drape. The collection didn’t look confident to me, looking at them, I thought ‘if I am already big, why make me bigger?’.

AbayaLagos by Salihat 
AbayaLagos by Salihat 

As plus-sized women, most of us are very curvy and have assets at the right places (boobs and ass no matter how you feel about it gives some degree of confidence) and without asking that they be overplayed, I will expect that they not be underplayed either.

  Ássián’s collection was an okay for me. I don’t see me being confident in any of the pieces. The colors were cool but the designs and cuts made the models look large. 


AbayaLagos by Salihat 


However, for Noni Clothing, the collection was different. It was ALL-INCLUSIVE. The pieces from the collection were flattering, the colors were bold and striking and Noni Clothing paid attention to the plus-sized woman’s body. There were dresses with sexy, flattering cuts and bold necklines and there was variety: a chic, trendy jacket in orange and a pair of white pants. It was perfect 👌

Noni Clothing 


Designs from Nadrey Laurent, Duaba Serwa, Tubo and more had me wishing I could fit into their clothes but I am tired of wishing I look like the models that wear them, I want to wear and look good in stunning clothes that are my size.

So if you want to be a plus-sized designer, make sure you are ready to sew in the extra material for our extra folds and that while you are at it, you ensure we look our very best of BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY, with no cover ups.

Photo Source: Bella naija, @glitzafrica fashion week



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