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The Β£11 Million Pair of Shoes

Diamonds. Gold. More diamonds. More gold. Bespoke. Expensive.


The world’s most expensive pair of shoes is on display. The shoes were designed by world renowned British designer Debbie Wingham, who is famous for her Red Diamond Abaya dress which still holds the record as the world’s most expensive garment, in collaboration with Florida-based artist Chris Campbell; the luxurious, bespoke pair of heels was commissioned for a birthday gift.

Why so expensive?

They are:

1. Perfectly symmetrical,

2. Feature extremely rare large pink and blue diamonds, worth in excess of Β£980,000,

3. Adorned with four 3-carat flawless white diamonds,

4. 1000 pointer diamonds frame the piped and quilted details around the pair,

lf-raffles-1PROD-Worlds-most-expensive-shoes-valued-at-$511-million-USD (3)PROD-Worlds-most-expensive-shoes-valued-at-$511-million-USD (2)PROD-Worlds-most-expensive-shoes-valued-at-$511-million-USD (1)

5. The zips and plaque underneath the shoes are solid gold,

6. Stitched together using 18-carat gold thread,

7. Specifically and specially handmade,

8. The leather coating was painted in 24-carat gold paint,

9. The Arabian Jasmin flower decorations were made from leather and encrusted with diamonds,

10. Feature rose gold accent to create contrast,

11. The soles and heels are in the client’s favorite colors,

12. The inside of the shoes are adorned with real gold thread embellished inlay,

13.The world’s most expensive pair of shoes.


In Nigeria, we usually ask “if I wear the shoe, will it change the price of a cup of garri at the market or take me to heaven?”. Well, one will have to actually wear the shoes to be able to answer this question.

There’s no denying this pair of shoes is worth the price tag.

Photo Source: The Mirror Β 


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