HFDW Lagos: Gert Johan Coetzee


Someone once asked me if I could wear the clothes I post on my blog and I said yes. I just don’t post ‘things’ that are news but I post fashion and style, two things I love and are passionate about, so I would definitely wear the clothes I post.


Gert Johan Coetzee’s presentation at the Heineken Fashion and Design Week held in Lagos comprises the two things that I love, fashion and style. The collection evolves, switching from sexy negligees to elegant dresses to sophisticated ready-to-wear clothing.


I don’t know if the designer is male or female, but I like how he or she represents feminity showing passion and embracing sensuality through the colors, fabrics and the wavy details on the dresses, the sheer effect, the peplum at the hem of a black sheath dress, the thigh high slit detail and the tiered frills on a pink skirt.


Β #always winning is the tag line for this unique collection and nothing else could have described it better (maybe #confident).

Β A woman’s body is beautiful and something to be proud of, and for me this collection is saying you should wow and be confident for yourself and in your body.Β 

Photo Source: Bella naija

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