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34°C in Jeans

It’s 34°C and more here in Enugu and thank God in my former life I had the common sense to buy face caps.

It’s extremely hot, and the fact that I have to wear a suit every day with a wig and gown most of the time is a nightmare. They say it is a legal tradition. Lord Jesus!

Lately ‘loose’ has been my watchword when it comes to clothes. Anything that can let in the smallest amount of air or breeze no matter how ungraceful it looks on me. Hot and sexy is not a word I would use until the cold Harmattan and even when that comes “uguru” manages to keep the sexy part in check.


How did the above litany come about?

I was sitting in a ‘Keke’ this afternoon thinking can’t this Keke go any faster when I noticed this pretty lady in blue cat-eye styled sunglasses and my thoughts quickly shifted from the heat and the Keke to appreciation for her fine style until my eyes settled on the tight blue jeans she had on. I was thinking “Oh God, how hot she must feel” but the lady wasn’t breaking a sweat. She was cool, calm and collected like she had internal air conditioning.


This post is for the style lovers who love jeans but are put off from wearing them because of the heat. Here are some simple but cool style tips.

1. Denim bags


We know wearing jeans doesn’t have to always be around your waist, as long as it’s on your body, right? This is where the denim bags come in. Stylishly increasing your cool factor, denim bags ensure you keep off the heat a 100% and still ensure you wear your jeans, only on your shoulders however.

2. Baggy jeans


The great thing about baggy jeans is that there’s ample space to let the air in, and because of the jeans ‘bagginess’ you won’t feel to scratchy, hot or uncomfortable when the Sun decides to release the Fry Hour. Motto: the more distressed, the better.

3. Jeans tops and jackets


A jeans shirt or top tucked into a stylish skirt or plain trousers is a great fashion look. But the key to staying comfortable in your jeans is in the sleeves. T-shirt sleeves, short sleeves, cap sleeves, sleeveless are your go-to.

4. Jean shorts


Jean shorts that are not too tight will have you feeling chic, showcase your legs (but you have to have sun protection) and make you feel comfortable.

5. Another fabric other than jeans


Trying out other fabrics and storing away dem jeans for the cold Harmattan is also a good option. Trying out cool, loose and fabrics that are airy will give you all the cool, calm, collected comfort from the weather that you desire. I saw this black pinafore on Pinterest and I loved it.

Photo Source: Pinterest






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