Uguru (Igbo word for Harmattan) is here, and it came along with the mischievous wind that lifts up your skirt, the crackling electricity that sparks when you are handling cotton fabric, the dry dry, cold weather, your perpetual dependence on Vaseline and last but not least, the dry chapped lips 💋.

If you have lived in Nigeria, you probably know how to get through the cold, dry harmattan. Aside from snuggling into warm wool sweaters and always carrying a lip gloss or small, pocket-size jar of Petroleum jelly, ensuring your skin stays moisturized, soft and does not turn white once you step out of the door is paramount.


Protecting your lips from dryness that may result in cracks, peeling or even blisters and make your lips really not good to look at, and ensuring it stays soft, moisturized and glossy all day is not so hard.

Short Pointers

1.Lip Balms and Gloss are your best friends. Find a good, safe product for your lips that suit your personal requirements.

2. Scrub your lips with natural oils. I dip a clean, soft toothbrush in a blend of castor oil and vitamin E oil. My lips remain soft and smooth for the rest of the day. Find what works for you.


3. Don’t lick your lips. Saliva will dry out your lips, resist the urge .

4. Use lipsticks that contain moisturizer if you can.

Visit for more info on getting rid of chapped lips.

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