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Roberto Cavalli 2018 Autumn/Winter Pre-Fall Collection

810 (15).jpg

Linear motifs, floral designs and zebra prints rule in this collection, creating elegant and svelte style.

810 (22).jpg810 (23).jpg810 (24).jpg810 (25).jpg810 (21).jpg810 (20).jpg810 (19).jpg810 (18).jpg810 (13).jpg810 (16).jpg810 (17).jpg
The 2018 Autumn/Winter Pre-Fall Collection of ready-to-wear clothing is graceful and easy-breezy, a fine fusion of suave style and sensible fashion. The colors are bright, popping for the season and each piece flows elegantly down the body, a perfect second skin.

810 (14).jpg810 (12).jpg810 (10).jpg810 (11).jpg810 (9).jpg810 (8).jpg
With the zebra print jacket and the leopard skin jacket with fur (sorry, can’t tell if it’s real fur or faux), Roberto Cavalli transforms the clothings to a chic must-have ensemble.

810 (7).jpg810 (5).jpg810 (6).jpg810 (2).jpg810 (3).jpg810 (4).jpg810.jpg810 (1).jpg
Accessories are ‘bae‘ in this collection: the mismatched earrings, a hommage to one of 2017’s trendiest fashion statement; bright animal skin mules in flats and ankle shoes and knee-high boots, a fine complement to each piece; and the “oh so gorgeous!” bags, very fine.
Photo Source: Vogue


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