Style Lessons from 2017

2017 is coming to an end and while we eagerly look forward to 2018, here’s a few things we got from 2017 and will see hopefully in the coming new year.

1. Nude is bae
Last year, the look was nude. This year, we had nude, but the focus was more on the face #nomakeup.

There was a visible shift, from showing skin to showing natural facial looks and wearing less makeup. From Alicia Keys beauty regime and stunning all-natural look courtesy of Dotti to Kim Kardashian West’s gorgeous makeup courtesy of Mario Dedivanovic, less became more this year.

2. Color block is in season
Once upon a time, color block was a ‘sneered’ fashion word in some parts here. Pairing colors that are opposite of each other was not generally here. However, mashing up a classic color block that is interesting, exciting and creative was one of 2017’s most fashion forward trends.


3. Sunny florals
One of the main themes this year was florals and it featured in almost all the wears; evening wear, lingerie, swimwear and suits, and the look was gorgeous.
Not that florals are new, but it caught on this year in bold and interesting twists.


4. Natural hair
I now proudly have a shoulder length 4C natural hair and embracing natural hair free from chemicals and so on was a big hit this year.
There were lots of hair inspiration from Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.


5. Athleisure
From the Kardashians to the Hadids’, this year athleisure became one of fashion’s must-have.


Whether you are active or not, performance wear merged with style to create ready-to-wear functional and comfortable clothing for your wardrobe was one of the focal points of sports wear brands.
Activewear pieces like sports bra, paired with a pair of fashionable denims and sneakers (most probably Fenty) was one of 2017’s “it” looks.

6. Mismatch
Gigi Hadid wore the mismatch style with a pair of stylish designer shoes but it didn’t really make the cut for me (personally).
However, on earrings “mismatch” is a love. It’s fun, creative and purse friendly because there’s no lack of earrings to pair with.


7. Clogs
With major fashion brands embracing the so-called ‘ugly’ shoe trend, Clogs received mixed reviews yet garnering massive global attention. The foot wear won many hearts this year and I am sure we will see more of the controversial footwear next year.


8. Megan Markle’s royal style
Since the Prince Harry and Megan Markle news reached the world, Megan’s fashion and style has received great attention.
From the engagement news to the newly released portraits from Kensington Palace, there’s been a lot of fashion buzz on what Megan has worn, is wearing and will wear (especially on the BIG day).



9. Pyjama trend
Kourtney Kardashian wearing a pair of pyjamas paired with high heels was one of 2017’s favorite fashion looks.
Lesson: You can look good in anything, and nightwear is definitely day wear.


10. Power blazers
A look that has stood the test of time- power blazers. Power blazers in bold bright colors ruled the runway and the streets, and let’s not forget the workplace.



Whether it is from Oscar de la Renta or Tom Ford, pairing a power blazer over a stylish slinky dress, a pair of shorts or pleated wide leg cullotes was one of 2017’s high moments and a win that makes it to the new year.

Photo Source: Pinterest



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