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Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2018 Collection

The latest Spring collection from Tommy Hilfiger is a unique blend of luxe sportswear with classy everyday ready to wear pieces and bits of street style for an ultra chic look. With Tommy Hilfiger's famous colors as the backdrop for this shoot, the Spring collection features model Bella Hadid, their fourth collaboration together. The collection… Continue reading Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2018 Collection

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Ulyana Sergeenko Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

The #ulyanadreams is a collection of rich colors, fabric and embroidery. There is a soft refinement and class in the elegant hats, fringed napkin bags, well defined dresses and gowns with their sweeping peplum details, puffy sleeves and beautiful silhouettes. Intricate embroidery, delicate hand-knitted sewing and lace trimmings give each piece a stunning effect bringing… Continue reading Ulyana Sergeenko Spring/Summer 2018 Collection


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When disappointment comes meet it, but do not carry it along with you; nor fetter your spirit by changeless haste. "Memory will always pursue some precious instance of itself," which will bring either renewed confidence or resignation. โ€” ย M. B. S. This image does not belong to BeliJose's Fashion Hauz.

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Spring 2018 Charlotte Simone Collection

A chic, fun and interesting way to rock your spring style, the newest Charlotte Simone collection presents a great "bubbly and effervescent" look especially unique for fur lovers ๐Ÿ’. Modeled by Leomie Anderson, who is also the face of the brand, the furry accessory collection which includes phone cases, tote handbags, clutch bags, and fur… Continue reading Spring 2018 Charlotte Simone Collection

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Black Panther Movie Premiere

At the Black Panther Movie Premiere, the color theme was noticeably black, but there were stars who wore other colors to mark the premiere of the highly anticipated Marvel movie. Lupita Nyong'o, Angela Bassett, Danai Gurira and more wore stunning shades of purple, yellow and pink while stars like Janelle Monae who wore black spiced… Continue reading Black Panther Movie Premiere

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The Pre-Grammys and The Grammys

One color stood out at this year's Grammy Awards, black; and Beyoncรฉ was among the famous stars that up ๐Ÿ‘† the color black. From the Roc-Nation annual Pre-Grammy Brunch, the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy 2018 party honoring Jay-Z and then the Grammy Awards itself, Beyoncรฉ stood out in a line of all black ensembles. A stunning… Continue reading The Pre-Grammys and The Grammys


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Why, why repine, my pensive friend At pleasures slipped away? Some the stern fates will never lend, And all refuse to stay. I see the rainbow in the sky, The dew upon the grass; I see them and I ask not why They glimmer or they pass. With folded arms I linger not To call… Continue reading Thoughts ๐Ÿ’ญ