Contour by Valerie Lawson’s 2018 Bridal Campaign


As always but even more this year, there’s going to be a huge focus on bridal fashion. And for Ghanaian beauty brand, Contour by Valerie Lawson the focus is not just on ‘what the bride wore’ but also on flawless skin care using skin regimens that work, on hairstyles and makeup. All in all, providing an all encompassing wow experience for the bride in collaboration with a strong bridal team.

So with a strong team of beauty and fashion experts, Contour by Valerie Lawson has presented it’s 2018 Bridal Campaign of beautifully designed and woven wedding dresses with shapely silhouettes, fine lace, exquisite tailoring, huge fairytale bridal trains, Kente infusions and more.

Designed for the “modern Ghanaian bride who loves culture and style” the Bridal Campaign includes collaboration from @Phloshop, @pistisgh, @Hatboxco and many other fashion experts.

Apart from the awesome makeup in these shoots, I like how each dress can be mixed up and worn either as a first dress or second dress on the big day and more so how each piece is inclusive and can also be worn by a wedding guest.
Photo Source: Bella naija

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