Ditching necklaces

The current emphasis on fashion is minimal style- less is more.

Recently, I noticed that I have unconsciously removed necklaces from my daily apparel, not that I wore it everyday before, but lately earrings have formed a big part of what I wear everyday (stud earrings only, please 😌).

Heart shaped gold stud earrings 
Tiffany Soloeste earrings 

I don’t know why but for some strange reason I now prefer looking at my neck these days, just my neck, to looking at necklaces. And since I love necklaces and hopefully the mind thing going on will probably be a phase, I thought why don’t I rock earrings while ‘this phase’ lasts.

packshot (1).jpg

And so I indulged myself looking at earrings online from sites like tiffany.com to pandora.com, estsy, Nordstrom, Amazon and many more and I saw very beautiful, classic, vintage, trendy pieces and now I am sharing some of my favorite finds. The end result for me was to feel comfortable in what I want to wear and I am wearing and looking smashing doing it.

So this is to ditching necklaces and rocking earrings(for the time being), 🍻.


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