Ma Cherie by Katherine Joyce


The newest bridal collection from the Victoria Soprano Group, is the Ma Cherie Collection by Katherine Joyce which uses:

     “quality materials, original finish, a complex process of       tissue and refined small detail (to) make a collection           of elegant, but not pretentious (dresses).”

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 Ma Cherie demands you take a second look. With its structural silhouettes, exquisitely crafted designs, the collection exudes refined luxury and bridal simplicity in its use of ivory lace, translucent tulle, beige lining, floral lace appliques and silk.


Beautiful romance is played out in the names given to each piece from Rossetta, Alisiya, to Rebecca, Leticia, Kendall,  and in its use of removable skirts and sleeves, flounces, sweetheart necklines, beaded lace, sparkling straps, luxurious trains, corsets, floral appliques, A-line and mermaid silhouettes.


The Kendall dress


The Kendall dress 


The star of this collection is the Kendall dress with a pompous train, luxurious removable skirt and beaded lace, for me all the dresses are spectacular. Very hard picking a favorite.

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