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Elie Kuame’s Hyper-Women Collection

Is it okay to go back to 2016?
Some say to know the future, you have to understand the past (don’t know if I got it right), however this post is borne more ouoft the excitement from discovering a new designer than knowing the future.

1497991633.jpgimage (22).jpgimage (21).jpgimage (23).jpg1497991641.jpg1497990953.jpg1497991641.jpg
This designer doesn’t have any recent releases, sadly, and these are gorgeous by the way, so why not, if not?
The Hyper-Women Collection is Elie Kuame’s Spring-Summer 2016 Collection, I know I went backwards but this gorgeous collection is worth your attention, and has a somewhat poetic description from the designer (check the designer’s website below).

image (20).jpgimage (19).jpgimage (10).jpgimage (18).jpgimage (8).jpgimage (17).jpgimage (16).jpgimage (13).jpgimage (12).jpgimage (6).jpgimage (7).jpgimage (14).jpgimage (9).jpgimage (11).jpgimage (5).jpgimage (1).jpgimage (3).jpgimage (4).jpgimage (2).jpg
With an excellent eye for female silhouettes, the Hyper-Women Collection is a fine blend of everyday pieces with a touch of cool and pronounced refinement.
There are classy office pieces, fun and girly off-work wears, dreamy evening dresses with flowing skirts and stunning bridal wears all in excellent colors.
The simple designs speak for themselves and need no extra effect to up its glow factor.
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