the culture of hair


I remember the first time I saw a woman sporting kudos (bald hair), it was a spectacular moment. She wore the hairstyle like a queen 👑; her big round earrings, a bright shade of red lipstick and makeup all added glamour to her hairstyle. The image is burned into my heart ♥. Plenty of love

So, hair; long, short, sparse, luxuriant, pixie cut, beach waves, afro, bald, the list is endless and gorgeous, so are the many people who wear them.
And for us today, it’s about “the culture of hair” starring Lupita Nyong’o.

For Allure Magazine’s March 2018 Issue, actress Lupita talks hair talk. She describes her hair transitions from coiffed to relaxed to bald and the commitment to each stage.
Her hair speaks volumes in the shoot, from a plait with beaded accompaniment to full afro locks in different style.
I think all in all, Lupita Nyong’o speaks more of inner confidence and beauty, and how it lights up the outside you from within.

What is your dream hair style? Mine is Rihanna’s hairstyle in her Loud album:


Photo Source: Allure Magazine.

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