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Mascara for Hair Volume


While serving in Bauchi State, for the one year mandatory National Youth Service Corp I discovered a new way of adding volume to my thinning front hair, and so far it has served me well.

No guessing game required, it’s my mascara!



An essential fashion basic for adding volume, length and boost to your eyelashes, Mascara has always been one of makeup’s must-haves and discovering I could use mascara to add volume to my hair to a reasonable extent was wild and absolutely amazing. One thing that made it amazeballs was that it blended right with my hair and no one could tell the difference.



And it’s simple, you don’t need an elaborate mascara wand for this, just your normal mascara (for safety and health reasons, ย you need extra mascara).

For a full volume look:
* After I have styled my hair,
* I wet my front hair, just sprinkling a little water to make it ย  ย  ย  ย damp,
* And then I brush it back with a toothbrush,
* Using a Black Opal mascara wand (black color cause my hair is black), I use it to brush my front hair back gathering it to the rest of my hair.


I always end up smiling like her.ย 

The result is neat and full, and like I said I get the amount of volume I need to boost my front hair, it blends beautifully and stays throughout the day.




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