ZUHAIR MURAD: Fall 2018 Ready to Wear Collection


This collection is romantic, I think it’s the word I will use here. Embellishment come in huge, but aren’t they all in a Zuhair Murad dress and I believe it’s the appeal when it comes to clothing from the designer.

The Fall 2018 Collection has a mixture of sleek, elegant and rock vibes; embellished stockings come mixed with feathered skirts and a heavy floral patterned blouse, gowns in beautiful fabrics, jackets with fur trimmings, wide legged pants, shifts, jackets and skirts all in extravagant details.

18-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg19-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg17-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg22-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg16-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg21-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg23-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg14-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg13-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg20-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg12-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg15-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg05-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg01-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg09-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg11-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg06-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg10-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg08-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg02-zuhair-murad-fall-18 (1).jpg04-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg03-zuhair-murad-fall-18.jpg
Finding out how to mix designer wears to suit your personal style is among the fun of dressing up, looking at Zuhair Murad’s latest collection I see ways of spicing it to be my look and there are some closet worthy, ready to wear pieces in the collection like the gold colored lace blouse with black lace trims tucked into black pants with tassel features.

Photo Source: Vogue


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