Rekana Collection

0. Rekana - Cover (1).png
Rekana Collection is a new ready to wear clothing line from Nigeria’s Sharon Ojong. It’s a first from Sharon and I will say, very impressive.

7. Rekana - Kimani x Ms Itoe.jpg3 - Rekana - Ayo Khaz.jpg1. Rekana - Amatime (1).jpg5. Rekana - Ada Khaz.jpg
Rekana is easy easy and simple in a classy, refined way. It’s bold cuts and designs is a nod to the forward outlook of Nigerian women to today’s fashion.

2. Rekana - King Uche .jpg6. Rekana - Zizzy x Ms Itoe.jpg9. Rekana - Omolara.jpg8. Rekana - Eyoanwan .jpg10. Rekana - Ngwamma.jpg0. Rekana - Cover 0.png4. Rekana - Ninka.jpg
Imagine walking into an office wearing a blazer over stylish cutout pants; with the new Rekana, the customer is encouraged to push limits while looking classy.
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