Thoughts πŸ’­


It’s in the stride of your hips
And the way of which you speak
It is in your abled body,
Strengthened muscles
Which you’ve used
To say no to defeat
It is the way you
Love the skin of which you were made
The way you do not let your own culture ever fade
It is in the wise mind
Of which you use
To build up your community
Instead of putting it to destruction
It is the way you put up a good example
For the young ones
The growing seeds
So they could understand
That they too have power
Within their great minds
It’ is in the way
You shun the norms
The worms, leeches
That try to conform
You to a certain standard
It is the beautiful stamp
Of greatness
That shows
When you believe in “you”

β€”Chinyere Ugwoke.

This image does not belong to BeliJose’s Fashion Hauz.


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