Resort 2019 Collection: Sachin and Babi

Figure accentuating evening dresses, mini, full skirts and gowns are designed to shine through for the Sachin and Babi woman in the brand’s Resort 2019 Collection.

With a focus on feminity and creating feminine appealing garments in simple designs, yet flattering cuts, the new Resort 2019 Collection goes outside the box from brand’s this season to create a relatable yet gorgeous ready to wear pieces.

00009-sachin-and-babi-vogue-resort-2019-pr.jpg00011-sachin-and-babi-vogue-resort-2019-pr.jpg00010-sachin-and-babi-vogue-resort-2019-pr.jpg00003-sachin-and-babi-vogue-resort-2019-pr.jpg00011-sachin-and-babi-vogue-resort-2019-pr (1).jpg00013-sachin-and-babi-vogue-resort-2019-pr.jpg00002-sachin-and-babi-vogue-resort-2019-pr.jpg00012-sachin-and-babi-vogue-resort-2019-pr.jpg
Every girl deserves a little sparkle, and Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia’s woman gets that in full whether wearing their shimmering bandeau dress with thigh high slits or their shimmering pantsuit or even their yellow off the shoulder maxi bow gown.

Photo Source: Vogue.

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