Resort 2019 Collection: Victor Glemaud

Victor Glemaud’s 2019 Resort Collection is a pop of colors and with fashion embracing bold colors this season, the latest collection from the luxury knitwear brand is not out of place in our wardrobes.

Victor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-09.jpgVictor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-06 (1).jpgVictor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-05.jpgVictor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-03.jpgVictor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-08.jpg
The collection has us drawn to its catchy geometric patterns, colors and design details in the form of flared trousers, turtlenecks, crops and cutouts. There’s comfort in the use of long sleeves and simple crocs, and modern style evoked from the one shoulder sleeves, open back and cutouts.

Victor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-02.jpgVictor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-06.jpgVictor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-07 (1).jpgVictor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-04.jpgVictor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-11.jpgVictor-Glemaud-Resort-2019-10.jpg
With Victor Glemaud’s 2019 Resort Collection, we are not just putting on a clothing, we are adding carefull thought to what we wear whilst ensuring we stay true to our personal style and the idea behind the collection which I think is comfort, unique style and accessibility.

Photo Source: Fashion


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