“Put your chafing days behind you”

UK-based fashion retailer, PrettyLittleThings has released a new line of chafing bands called ‘The Black Chafing Bands’.
The first of its kind line of female underwear designed to protect the thighs from chafing and to reduce friction between the thighs is already sold out with wide positive reviews.


You may know that uncomfortable feeling when the weather is hot and your thighs are rubbing together because of the heat, sometimes the friction can cause a sore between your thighs and in some cases a wound. It happens most times when you wear skirts or gowns, very uncommon for trousers because they separate your thighs. Well, PrettyLittleThings new ingenious underwear helps solve that.



The underwear comes in all sizes (thank you), sold at Β£8.00 and according to Daily Mail, is a discreet size, invisible under short dresses, starts from below the groin and stretching a few inches down the thighs to provide maximum protection from chafing.


If by chance you are reading this post and you were among the first purchasers of the Black Chafing Bands, please feel free to share with us your experience while using the product.

Photo Source: Daily Mail, PrettyLittleThings.com


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