Resort 2019 New York Collection: Camilla and Marc

Camilla and Marc-0106.jpg

This collection was exhibited last month in Australia by fashion brand Camilla and Marc. It marked the brand’s return to Australia, with the set including an Australian outback.

Camilla and Marc-0353.jpgCamilla and Marc-0574.jpgCamilla and Marc-0445.jpgCamilla and Marc-0284.jpgCamilla and Marc-0597.jpgCamilla and Marc-0312.jpgCamilla and Marc-0427.jpg

The Resort 2019 New York Collection by Camilla and Marc is edgy and on trend: turtle necks, leather, fringe and boxy jackets give the collection a tough look while floral prints, sheer and the soft colors used in the collection softens it.

Camilla and Marc-0136.jpgCamilla and Marc-0233.jpgCamilla and Marc-0406.jpgCamilla and Marc-0245 (1).jpgCamilla and Marc-0117.jpgCamilla and Marc-0376.jpgCamilla and Marc-0076.jpgCamilla and Marc-0197.jpg

This days a lot of people are jumping on the ‘cover up’ wagon and it’s interesting to see it represented here, very few sheer clothings here but definitely flattering and sexy cuts and designs.

Camilla and Marc-0047.jpgCamilla and Marc-0152.jpgCamilla and Marc-0037.jpgCamilla and Marc-0216.jpgCamilla and Marc-0064.jpgCamilla and Marc-0017.jpgCamilla and Marc-0464.jpgCamilla and Marc-0388.jpgCamilla and Marc-0509.jpgCamilla and Marc-0544.jpgCamilla and Marc-0558.jpgCamilla and Marc-0524.jpg

What is most interesting here are the brand’s new large leather totes; my mum will love one of those for her field work. It’s catchy, edgy and definitely has attitude. I love that it is incorporated into the collection.

Photo Source: Vogue


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