Lip Powders – an innovation or a ‘has been’?


Lip Powders – an innovation or a ‘has been’?
And then there is the lip powder.
Once upon a time, glossed lips were the “in thing” for lip cosmetics and beauty, and then came matte lipsticks but before matte lipsticks and Kylie Cosmetics came into being we achieved the matte lips using baby powder which was also used in changing the color of your lipstick to a different shade. Then came the matte lipstick proper, and for those of us who couldn’t afford it, we still used baby powder, I still do even now mainly to change my lipstick color to a much lighter shade and I generally like it’s smooth feel against my lips πŸ’‹.

Matte Lipsticks


Lip Powder by Clinique

So, there’s now the lip powder with a lot of rave reviews. It was made popular by Korean cosmetic companies and then later by Sephora. It is currently one of the ‘must have’ beauty products for lips and beauty influencers swear on its moisturising, creamy, shimmer and dramatic feature, smoothness and so on.

For me, are lip powders a new beauty invention or an already existing beauty “technique” made better, packaged and enjoying better quality marketing?
I agree it’s more conveniently packaged with better application method than dabbing powder on your lips from your palm, it also reportedly has hydrogel ingredients and Silica Silylate which makes it creamier and smoother than the average powder.


It is out of the purse range of most women however, and personally since I sometimes prefer mixing up my lipstick shades it may not be really sensible buying a lip powder of one color and someday if I do not want it’s original color changing it by dabbing extra powder to it.

Lip powders again are great according to the reviews, very positive reviews. But if you can’t afford lip powders, baby powders won’t fail you.

Stay beautiful.

Videos by Tate Tries It and Alexandra’sGirlyTalks from YouTube.

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