Welcome to the month of August 2018.

Happy new month, everyone. Am I wrong to be always so happy? This world is full of grief; Yet there is laughter of sunshine, to see the crisp green on the leaf, Daylight is ringing with song-birds, and brooklets are crooning at night; And why should I make a shadow when God makes all so… Continue reading Welcome to the month of August 2018.

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Resort 2019 Collection: Roksanda

This collection looks like it was drawn and painted on the models. I like the fluidity and ease and pop of color that is neither too much or too little, the long, oversized sleeves, flounce details, large floral inspired sleeves on a multicoloured chiffon blouse in shades of purple, pink, yellow, black and white colors,… Continue reading Resort 2019 Collection: Roksanda

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The Luxury Africa Bag Collection by Orijin Culture.

These are some campaign photos for the luxury Africa Bag Collection by Orijin Culture, a luxury African accessories brand. The Africa Bag Collection is a collection of fine leather satchels and backpacks designed and crafted in the shape of the African map. The Africa Bag Collection is therefore an African pride story celebrating African life,… Continue reading The Luxury Africa Bag Collection by Orijin Culture.


Thoughts πŸ’­

Be wise to-day; ’tis madness to defer; Next day the fatal precedent will plead; Thus on, till wisdom is pushed out of life. Procrastination is the thief of time; Year after year it steals, till all are fled, And to the mercies of a moment leaves The vast concerns of an eternal scene. β€”Dr. Edward… Continue reading Thoughts πŸ’­

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Spring/Summer 2018: Kwame Tailor

Kwame Tailor is a Ghanaian fashion label that produces male and female wear incorporating African prints with modern style and design. Kwame Tailor's Spring/Summer 2018 collection is a mixture of white separates with flattering pleated skirts and pants in African prints, jumpsuits, stylish dresses and gowns. The new collection is simple and elegant. I like… Continue reading Spring/Summer 2018: Kwame Tailor


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Sometimes goodness come from treating yourself. Not like you burned earth to dust but like you made it into a beautiful body crowned it with stars, put a precious coat over it and called it home. β€”Tampiwa Mugabe. This image does not belong to Belijose's Fashion Hauz.

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Alison Valsamis’s Rose Braided Hairstyle

Alison Valsamis makes beautiful roses out of braided hair. The result is an intricate, gorgeous hairstyles not just for weddings but suitable for all occasions. The Connecticut based hairstylist shares tips on how to achieve this complex hairstyle which has become summer's most sought after hairstyle, on her Instagram account, @braidedandblonde. According to Alison, the… Continue reading Alison Valsamis’s Rose Braided Hairstyle


Cara Delevingne models the new Puma Suede Bow Varsity Sneakers

The Suede Bow Varsity Sneakers by Puma is "reclaiming classic sport with a fresh attitude". Cara Delevingne recently modeled the new sneakers which come in neat peacock, red ribbon and marshmallow colors with a metallic gold panelling and a unique bow at its heels for an extra feminine flair. The Suede Bow Varsity also has… Continue reading Cara Delevingne models the new Puma Suede Bow Varsity Sneakers