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“Sculpture Makeups”.

“Sculpture Makeups”.
The latest “beauty trend” that I hope doesn’t take on is the sculpture makeup, origin China.

The sculpture makeup let’s you alter your facial features such as the nose, chin, cheekbone, forehead and jawline using fitted sculpted prosthetics and by taping them.

Using faux eyelashes, prosthetic parts and by taping some others, these Chinese beauty bloggers are completely changed from their ‘regular’ selves. They shared videos and photos of what they look like using the new beauty trend on Bored Panda.

The purpose of makeup I think, is to enhance and beautify. Today, makeup has evolved from enhancing and beautifying to sometimes altering the natural features completely, mostly using contouring, highlighting, fake lashes, colored contact lens. Very many times, we hardly recognize people we know from all the layers of makeup they wear.
The question is, what is your definition of beauty?

Photo Source: Daily Mail


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